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About Phyllis Charles

Phyllis lived for 30 years in upstate New York as a fiber artist and designer working in batik, soft sculpture and art quilting. She exhibited and sold her work at juried craft shows, including  the American Craft Council show at Rheinbeck, the Market of American Crafts and the Lincoln Center Craft Show.

After moving to St. Croix in 1989 she spent the next twelve years as a volunteer at  the Botanical Garden where she developed an abiding interest and love of tropical plants, later reflected in her paintings.

After retiring from the Botanical Garden she began painting her favorite tropical plants interspersed occasionally with local landscapes.  Her work has appeared on the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts calendar, and she has shown her work there. She later had two solo shows at St. Croix galleries. She was a founding member of the Artists Guild of St. Croix and helped develop and implement The Art Show at Canegata where she exhibited until 2018 when Hurricane Maria prevented the show. 

In 2019 she moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she is a member of the Cape Cod Art Center, the Cape Cod Museum of Art, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, and the Chatham Creative Art Center.  She exhibits at juried exhibitions at these institutions.

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